Small Group Training

Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 people to allow for more personalized instruction.  Please reserve your spot prior to arrival.

Classes Offered:

Fundamentals –

45-50 minute class designed to help  get you acquainted with FitLab’s philosophy, establish your baseline strength and skills and teach you how to identify the regressions and progressions of fundamental movement patterns.  Ideal for those new to FitLab!  All levels welcome.

Conditioning –

45-50 minute classes designed to build strength and endurance. You can expect higher intensity circuit style sessions. Modifications can be made to fit individual needs.  Intermediate-Advanced fitness levels recommended.

Short -n- Sweat

Before you convince yourself that you don’t have time or energy to exercise, think again.  Exercise boosts your personal energy and helps your brain and body to function better throughout the day.  These 30 minute classes are appropriately challenging, and give you just what you need to feel and be your best.  You can expect short intervals using mostly bodyweight training methods and jump ropes.

FitLab Kids –

We provide the space and instruction for kids to explore movement, build strength, flexibility and body control in a fun, safe environment.  Consider special group classes for team building and off-season training no matter what sports kids play.  For arrangements please email